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  • Corda Protocol for Central Bank Digital Currency

    Central Bank Digital Currency gains interest across the Globe.
    Central Banks are conducting research and embarking on Proof Of Concept.
    Let’s have a brief look at wholesale and retail CBDC and benefits of its blockchain-alike implementations.

  • Smartcity Hack Substrate Workshop

    This is the cheat sheet in addition to my SmartCityHack Workshop

  • Build Substrate on Ubuntu: step-by-step guide

    Today I’ll share the steps required for me to install the Substrate on an ubuntu 18.04 bionic machine along with the obsctacles met on this way and fixes applied to overcome them and move further.

  • Parity's sub-0 highlights

    sub-0 is a cool conference held by Parity Technologies
    I’ll share highlights from it in this post

  • Block Collider Review

    Block Collider (BCLDR) claims to provide solution for multi-blockchain integration, which is a new blockchain itself. But analysis of technical details revealed from their WP and online docs shows that this is neither blockchain nor chain bridge.

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