Ethereum RPC Compatibility for Polkadot Smart Contracts

The idea of making pallet-contracts Ethereum RPC compatible has been around for a while. I did some research on the topic and built a working prototype which can be found in this repo. This post describes briefly the approach taken to the problem, the results so far and possible vectors of further development. Rationale We have the most technically developed blockchain platform, but lack of real users. The largest user base stays in Ethereum.

Candle Auctions on ink!: DIY NFT Sales

The rising NFT market is approaching $12bln in 2021. Despite been touted as a democratizing force for art, relevant researches show that it is still quite far from finding sustainable pricing models. It is exposed to market manipulation and it has an increased entry threshold. To beat all of these shortcomings, let’s Do It Yourself by designing a fair-price Candle Auction smart contract (Github link) to be run on a Polkadot parachain and see how it plays out.